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Teledyne Laars R0058300 Pool Heater Header, Return

Teledyne Laars Jandy Parts Laars Lite 2 LD 125 LG 125 LD 175 LG 175 LD 250 LG 250 LD 325 LG 325 LG 400 LD 400 R0058300 Pool Heater Header, Return

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: R0058300


Teledyne Laars R0058300 Pool Heater Header, Return

This pool heater return header is for all heaters listed below. This is a cast-iron header, glass-lined for many Teledyne Laars, Jandy and Zodiac pool heaters. This manifold kit is the factory replacement and comes with all parts shown, including bolts, header gaskets, washers, and plugs. Parts4heating has

Used on the following Models:
EG 125 thru 400, EPM 125 thru 400, EPC-II 125 thru 400,LLC 125 thru 400,
LLD125, LLD 125, LLD-125, LLD175, LLD 175, LLD-175, LLD250, LLD 250, LLD-250, LLD325,

LLD 325, LLD-325, LLD400, LLD 400, LLD-400, LLG125, LLG 125, LLG-125, LLG175, LLG 175,

LLG-175, LLG250, LLG 250, LLG-250, LLG325, LLG 325, LLG-325, LLG400, LLG 400, LLG-400,

LD125, LD 125, LD-125, LD175, LD 175, LD-175, LD250, LD400, LD 400, LD-400, LG125,

LG 125, LG-125, LG175, LG 175, LG-175, LG250, LG 250, LG-250, LG325, LG 325, LG-325,

LG400, LG 400, LG-400, ESC125, ESC 125, ESC-125, ESC175, ESC 175, ESC-175, ESC250,

ESC 250, ESC-250, ESC325, ESC 325, ESC-325, ESC400, ESC 400, ESC-400, ESG125, ESG 125,

ESG-125, ESG175, ESG 175, ESG-175, ESG250, ESG 250, ESG-250, ESG325, ESG 325,

ESG-325, ESG400, ESG 400, ESG-400, EPC125, EPC 125, EPC-125, EPC175, EPC 175, EPC-175,

EPC250, EPC 250, EPC-250, EPC325, EPC 325, EPC-325, EPC400, EPC 400, EPC-400, EPG125,

EPG 125, EPG-125, EPG175, EPG 175, EPG-175, EPG250, EPG 250, EPG-250, EPG325, EPG 325,

EPG-325, EPG400, EPG 400, EPG-400 LD 250, LD-250, LD325, LD 325, LD-325, ES125, ES 125,

ES-125, ES175, ES 175, ES-175, ES250, ES 250, ES-250, ES325, ES 325, ES-325, ES400,

ES 400, ES-400, ESII125, ES11125, ES II 125, ES 11 125, ESII 125 ES11 125, ESII175,

ES11175, ES II 175, ES 11 175,ESII 175, ES11 175, ESII250, ES11250, ES II 250, ES 11 250,

ESII 250, ES11 250, ESII325, ES11325, ES II 325, ES 11 325, ESII 325, ES11 325, ES11400,

ES II400, ES-II400, ES-II-400, ES-II 400, EPS125, EPS 125, EPS-125, EPS175, EPS 175,

EPS-175, EPS250, EPS 250, EPS-250, EPS325, EPS 325, EPS-325, EPS400, EPS 400, EPS-400,

EC125, EC 125, EC-125, EC175, EC 175, EC-175, EC250, EC 250, EC-250, EC325, EC 325,

EC-325, EC400, EC 400, EC-400.

LLD125P, LLD 125P,LLD-125P, LLD175P, LLD 175P, LLD-175P, LLD250P, LLD 250P, LLD-250P, LLD325P,LLD325P, LLD-325P, LLD400P, LLD 400P, LLD-400P, LLG125P, LLG 125P, LLG-125P,LLG175P, LLG 175P,
LLG-175P, LLG250P, LLG 250P, LLG-250P, LLG325P, LLG 325P, LLG-325P, LLG400P,LLG 400P, LLG-400P,LD125P, LD 125P, LD-125P, LD175P, LD 175P, LD-175P, LD250P,LD400P, LD 400P, LD-400P, LG125P,LG 125P, LG-125P, LG175P, LG 175P, LG-175P,LG250P, LG 250P, LG-250P, LG325P, LG 325P, LG-325P, LG400P, LG 400P, LG-400P,ESC125P, ESC 125P, ESC-125P, ESC175P, ESC 175P, ESC-175P, ESC250P, ESC 250P,ESC-250P, ESC325P, ESC 325P, ESC-325P, ESC400P, ESC 400P, ESC-400P, ESG125P,ESG 125P,ESG-125P, ESG175P, ESG 175P, ESG-175P, ESG250P, ESG 250P, ESG-250P,ESG325P, ESG 325P, ESG-325P, ESG400P, ESG 400P, ESG-400P, EPC125P, EPC 125P, EPC-125P, EPC175P,EPC 175P, EPC-175P,EPC250P, EPC 250P, EPC-250P, EPC325P, EPC 325P, EPC-325P,EPC400P, EPC 400P, EPC-400P, EPG125P,EPG 125P, EPG-125P, EPG175P, EPG 175P, EPG-175P,EPG250P, EPG 250P, EPG-250P, EPG325P, EPG 325P,EPG-325P, EPG400P, EPG 400P,EPG-400 LD 250P, LD-250P, LD325P, LD 325P, LD-325P, ES125P, ES 125P,ES-125P,ES175P, ES 175P, ES-175P, ES250P, ES 250P, ES-250P, ES325P, ES 325P, ES-325P,ES400P, ES 400P, ES-400P, ESII125P, ES11125P, ES II 125P, ES 11 125P, ESII 125 ES11 125P,ESII175P, ES11175P, ES II 175P, ES 11 175P,ESII 175P, ES11 175P, ESII250P,ES11250P, ES II 250P, ES 11 250P,ESII 250P, ES11 250P, ESII325P, ES11325P, ESII 325P, ES 11 325P, ESII 325P, ES11 325P, ES11400P,
ES II400P, ES-II400P, ES-II-400P, ES-II 400P, EPS125P, EPS 125P, EPS-125P,EPS175P, EPS 175P, EPS-175P, EPS250P, EPS 250P, EPS-250P, EPS325P, EPS 325P,EPS-325P, EPS400P, EPS 400P, EPS-400P,EC125P, EC 125P, EC-125P, EC175P, EC 175P,EC-175P, EC250P, EC 250P, EC-250P, EC325P, EC 325P, EC-325P, EC400P, EC 400P, EC-400P.
LLD125N, LLD 125N, LLD-125N,LLD175N, LLD 175N, LLD-175N, LLD250N, LLD 250N, LLD-250N, LLD325N,LLD 325N,LLD-325N, LLD400N, LLD 400N, LLD-400N, LLG125N, LLG 125N, LLG-125N, LLG175N,LLG 175N,LLG-175N, LLG250N, LLG 250N, LLG-250N, LLG325N, LLG 325N, LLG-325N, LLG400N,LLG 400N, LLG-400N,LD125N, LD 125N, LD-125N, LD175N, LD 175N, LD-175N, LD250N,LD400N, LD 400N, LD-400N, LG125N,LG 125N, LG-125N, LG175N, LG 175N, LG-175N,LG250N, LG 250N, LG-250N, LG325N, LG 325N, LG-325N, LG400N, LG 400N, LG-400N,ESC125N, ESC 125N, ESC-125N, ESC175N, ESC 175N, ESC-175N, ESC250N, ESC 250N,ESC-250N, ESC325N, ESC 325N, ESC-325N, ESC400N, ESC 400N, ESC-400N, ESG125N,ESG 125N,ESG-125N, ESG175N, ESG 175N, ESG-175N, ESG250N, ESG 250N, ESG-250N,ESG325N, ESG 325N,ESG-325N, ESG400N, ESG 400N, ESG-400N, EPC125N, EPC 125N, EPC-125N, EPC175N,EPC 175N, EPC-175N,EPC250N, EPC 250N, EPC-250N, EPC325N, EPC 325N, EPC-325N,EPC400N, EPC 400N, EPC-400N, EPG125N,EPG 125N, EPG-125N, EPG175N, EPG 175N, EPG-175N,EPG250N, EPG 250N, EPG-250N, EPG325N, EPG 325N,EPG-325N, EPG400N, EPG 400N,EPG-400 LD 250N, LD-250N, LD325N, LD 325N, LD-325N, ES125N, ES 125N,ES-125N,ES175N, ES 175N, ES-175N, ES250N, ES 250N, ES-250N, ES325N, ES 325N, ES-325N,ES400N,ES 400N, ES-400N, ESII125N, ES11125N, ES II 125N, ES 11 125N, ESII 125 ES11 125N,ESII175N, ES11175N, ES II 175N, ES 11 175N,ESII 175N, ES11 175N, ESII250N,ES11250N, ES II 250N, ES 11 250N,ESII 250N, ES11 250N, ESII325N, ES11325N, ESII 325N, ES 11 325N, ESII 325N, ES11 325N, ES11400N,ES II400N, ES-II400N, ES-II-400N, ES-II 400N, EPS125N, EPS 125N, EPS-125N,EPS175N, EPS 175N, EPS-175N, EPS250N, EPS 250N, EPS-250N, EPS325N, EPS 325N,EPS-325N, EPS400N, EPS 400N, EPS-400N,EC125N, EC 125N, EC-125N, EC175N, EC 175N,EC-175N, EC250N, EC 250N, EC-250N, EC325N, EC 325N, EC-325N
, EC400N, EC 400N, EC-400N.

Used in the following models:
EC125, EC175, EC250, EC325, EC400, EG125, EG175, EG250, EG325, EG400, EPC125, EPC175, EPC250, EPC325, EPC400, EPG125, EPG175, EPG250, EPG325, EPG400, EPM125, EPM175, EPM250, EPM325, EPM400, EPS125, EPS175, EPS250, EPS325, EPS400, ES125, ES175, ES250, ES325, ES400, ESC125 , ESC175 , ESC250 , ESC325 , ESC400 , ESG125 , ESG175 , ESG250 , ESG325 , ESG400 , ESII125, ESII175, ESII250, ESII325, ESII400, LD125 N, LD125 X, LD175 N, LD175 X, LD250 N, LD250 X, LD325 N, LD325 X, LD400 N, LD400 X, LG125 N, LG125 X, LG175 N, LG175 X, LG250 N, LG250 X, LG325 N, LG325 X, LG400 N, LG400 X, LLD125 N, LLD125 X, LLD175 N, LLD175 X, LLD250 N, LLD250 X, LLD325 N, LLD325 X, LLD400 N, LLD400 X, LLG125 N, LLG125 X, LLG175 N, LLG175 X, LLG250 N, LLG250 X, LLG325 N, LLG325 X, LLG400 N, LLG400 X


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