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35-7046 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Special - Isolated Gas Valve Relay 35-7055 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Plastic enclosure 35-7056 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Board with stand-offs
35-7057 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Potted 35-71 Series: 120 VAC DSI Control with Combustion Blower Relay 35-7252 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Potted
35-7254 Series: 120 VAC Direct Spark: Board with stand-offs 35-7552 Series: 120VAC HSI: Potted 35-7554 Series: 120VAC HSI: Board with stand-offs
05- Series: 24VAC Hot Surface 35-60 Series: 24VAC Direct Spark 35-70 Series: 120VAC Direct Spark
35-80 Series: 24VAC Direct Spark Triton Series 35-63J Series: 24VAC Intermittent Pilot Johnson Replacement
35-6052 Series: 24VAC Direct Spark 35-65 Series: 24VAC Hot Surface 35-6053 Series: 24VAC Direct Spark
35-6552 Series: 24VAC Hot Surface 35-60J Series: 24VAC Direct Spark Johnson Replacement 35-6553 Series: 24VAC Hot Surface
35-61 Series: 24VAC Direct Spark with Blower Relay 35-66 Series: 24VAC Hot Surface with Blower Relay 35-63 Series: 24VAC Intermittent Pilot
Fenwal Electrodes 35-67 Series: 24VAC Proven Hot Surface with Blower Relay

Fenwal Heating System Replacement Parts

The Fenwal brand, is respected across the heating industry for manufacturing reliable heating system ignition controls. Whether you're looking a new Fenwal igniter or the latest Fenwal ignition control board, we have the Fenwal heating system replacement parts you need to repair your gas-fired heating appliance. We can also provide expertise and support to ensure you’re able to find the right part for your repair. If you have any questions about our Fenwal parts or same-day shipping policies, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Our expansive selection includes Fenwal ignition modules and other Fenwal components for a wide variety of heating system models. We carry replacement controls for the Triton and many other popular heater ignition series. Search our inventory by part number or part name to quickly locate the exact Fenwal replacement that you need — and quickly get back to enjoying Fenwal’s signature features like DETECT-A-FLAME® technology and microprocessor precise based timings.

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RE: Installation/Service
Fenwal Gas Ignition Controls are

a critial safety device in gas fired

equipment. They should be

removed and/or replaced ONLY

by a licensed service professional.