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Sterling Heating System Replacement Parts

Sterling is a subsidiary of the Mestek, Inc., which encompasses more than 36 HVAC manufacturers. Over 50+ years of operation, the brand and its parent company have established a reputation for creating dependable and long-lasting heating equipment that fits a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Their Farmville, North Carolina plant produces durable gas-fired and oil-fired unit heaters, infrared unit heaters, rooftop and indoor air units and more. Even these workhorses of machines require the occasional spare part to maintain peak performance. Keep your home or business comfortable with Sterling heating system replacement parts from Parts4Heating.

Whether you need a natural gas valve, propane gas valve, fan motor, flame sensor or any other Sterling heating system part, you can count on our ready to ship inventory at Parts4Heating. Homeowners and professionals rely on us to deliver their orders of Sterling parts quickly and accurately, so that they can begin restoring heat to their homes and businesses right away. Search by part number or part name to find the parts that you need fast. If you’re struggling to find the part you need, our customer service team can guide you through the process as well.

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J28R06892-001 BTU/TF 100-250 BRT/GG 30-120 Gas Valve Nat Gas J28R06892-002 BTU/TF 100-250  BRT/GG 30-120 Gas Valve Propane J28R06893-001 BTU/TF 300-400 Gas Valve- 1 stg NG
Gas Valve Nat Gas Gas Valve Propane Gas Valve- 1 stg NG
J28R06893-002 BTU/TF 300-400 Gas Valve- 1 stg Propane J31R04766 BRT/GG 30-45 Fan Motor J38R06890-001 BTU/TF 150-400 Flame Sensor
Gas Valve- 1 stg Propane Fan Motor Flame Sensor
J38R06890-003 BRT/GG 30-120 Flame Sensor 257R04587-108 BTU/TF TF100-150 (8) Louvers 257R04587-109 BTU/TF TF175-250 (8) Louvers
Flame Sensor Louvers Louvers
257R04587-110 BTU/TF TF300-400 (8) Louvers 257R04587-113 BTU/TF GG 30-45 (3) 60-75(5)90-120(7) Louvers 507R04595 BTU/TF 300-400 Power Venter Assembly
Louvers Louvers Power Venter Assembly
J11R00306-002 BTU/TF 150-400 High Limit Control J11R04849-003 BRT/GG 30-120 Roll-Out Switche J11R08365-001 BRT/GG 60-120 High Limit Switch
High Limit Control Roll-Out Switch High Limit Switch
J11R08365-002 BRT/GG 30-45 High Limit Switch J26R01960 BTU/TF 30-45 (3) 60-75(5)90-120(7) Louver springs J28R06881 BRT/GG 30 -120 Control Board
High Limit Switch Louver springs Control Board
J31R01872 BRT/GG 75 Fan Motor J31R04091 BRT/GG 60 Fan Motor J31R04092-002 BTU/TF 100 BRT/GG 90-120 Fan Motor
Fan Motor Fan Motor Fan Motor
J31R04093-002 BTU/TF 125, 150 & 300 ODP Motor J31R04094-002 BTU/TF 175, 200, 250, 350, 400 ODP Motor J35R04581 BTU/TF 175-200-250 BRT/GG 90-120 Power Venter Assembly
ODP Motor ODP Motor Power Venter Assembly
J35R04700 BTU/TF 125-150 BRT/GG 30-45 Power Venter Assembly J35R08510 BRT/GG 60-75 Power Venter Assembly J38R06891-001 BTU/TF 150-400 Spark Ignitor
Power Venter Assembly Power Venter Assembly Spark Ignitor
J38R06891-003 BRT/GG 30-120 Spark Ignitor Sterling J38R06891-002 Spark Ignitor McMillan A0820B2843 Fan Motor
Spark Ignitor Spark Ignitor Fan Motor
McMillan A0416B2810 Fan Motor McMillan A0516B2593 Fan Motor McMillan A0828B2842 Fan Motor
Fan Motor Fan Motor Fan Motor
McMillan A0524A2161 Fan Motor Sterling 109783504A, 30 -120 Control Board Sterling 11507R04595 BTU/TF 300-400 Power Venter Assembly
Fan Motor Control Board Power Venter Assembly
Sterling J31R08361-001 Fan Motor
Fan Motor