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LAARS E0025900 Non-Plated Immersion Well

Teledyne Laars AP 0500 AP 0600 AP 0715 AP 0850 AP 1010 AP 1200 AP 1430 AP 1670 AP 1825 E0025900 Non-Plated Immersion Well, new Part #RE2058300

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: E0025900

Laars Non-Plated Immersion Well. RE2058300

Laars Mighty Therm, Teledyne Laars Q/J .

Immersion Well used on the following models:

AP0500, AP0600, AP0715, AP0850, AP0999, AP1010, AP1200, AP1430, AP1670, AP1825, AP1999, AP2000, AP2200, AP2450, AP2800, AP3050, AP3200, AP3500, AP3600, AP4000, AP4050, AP4500, AP5000.
HH0175, HH0250, HH0320, HH0325, HH0400, HH0500, HH0520, HH0600, HH0625, HH0715, HH0775, HH0850, HH0999, HH1000, HH1010, HH1200, HH1430, HH1670, HH1825, HH1999, HH2000, HH2200, HH2400, HH2450, HH2800, HH3050, HH3200, HH3500, HH3600, HH4000, HH4050, HH4500, HH5000.
IW0500, IW0600, IW0715, IW0850, IW1010, IW1200, IW1430, IW1670, IW1825.
MCT050, MCT075, MCT100, MCT125, MCT160.
MT200, MT2200, MT2450, MT2800, MT3050, MT3200, MT3500, MT3600, MT4000, MT4500, MT5000.
PH0175, PH0250, PH0325, PH0400, PH0500, PH0600, PH0715, PH0850, PH0999, PH1000, PH1010, PH1200, PH1430, PH1670, PH1825.
PM0500, PM0750, PM1000, PM1250, PM1500, PM1750, PM2000.
PNCH0500, PNCH0750, PNCH1000, PNCH1250, PNCH1500, PNCH1750, PNCH2000.
PNCP0500, PNCP0750, PNCP1000, PNCP1250, PNCP1500, PNCP1750, PNCP2000.
PNCV0500, PNCV0750, PNCV1000, PNCV1250, PNCV1500, PNCV1750, PNCV2000.
PW0175, PW0250, PW0325, PW0400, PW0500, PW0520, PW0600, PW0625, PW0715, PW0775, PW0850, PW0999, PW1000, PW1010, PW1200, PW1430, PW1670, PW1825.
RHCH1200, RHCH1600, RHCH2000, RHCH2400.
RHCV1200, RHCV1600, RHCV2000, RHCV2400.
RHHH1200, RHHH1600, RHHH2000, RHHH2400.
RHHV1200, RHHV1600, RHHV2000, RHHV2400.
TL00-199, TL80-199.
VW0175, VW0250, VW0320, VW0325, VW0400, VW0500, VW0520, VW0600, VW0625, VW0715, VW0775, VW0850, VW0999, VW1000, VW1010, VW1200, VW1430, VW1670, VW1825, VW2000, VW2200, VW2450, VW2800, VW3050, VW3200, VW3500, VW3600, VW4000, VW4050, VW4500, VW5000.
4-3/4" overall length
3-3/4" bulb length
3/8" inside / 1/2" outside bulb diameter


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