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LAARS E2217800 Manual Reset High-Limit Switch 210F Max., Pennant, Rheos, Mighty Therm, Mighty Max

Teledyne Laars MGH 1600 MGH 2000 MGH 2500 MGH 3000 MGH 3500 MGH 4000 MT2V 0500 MT2V 0750 MT2V 1000 E2217800 Manual Reset High-Limit Switch 210F Max.

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: E2217800

Teledyne Laars E2217800 Manual Reset High-Limit Switch, 210F Max.

Used on the following models:

BWCV0500, BWCV0750, BWCV1000, BWCV1250, BWCV1500, BWCV1750, BWCV2000, HH0320, HH0520,

HH0775, HH1000, HH1010, HH1200, HH1430, HH1825, HH2450, HH3050, HH3500, HH4050, IW0500,

IW0600, IW0715, IW0850, IW1010, IW1200, IW1430, IW1670, MT2V0500, MT2V0750, MT2V1000,

MT2V1250, MT2V1500, MT2V1750, MT2V2000, PH0850, PH1010, PH1200, PH1825, PM0500, PM0750,

PM1000, PM1250, PM1500, PM1750, PM2000, PNCP0500, PNCP0750, PNCP1000, PNCP1250, PNCP1500,

PNCP1750, PNCP2000, PNCV0500, PNCV0750, PNCV1000, PNCV1250, PNCV1500, PNCV1750, PNCV2000,

PW0175, PW0250, PW0325, PW0400, PW0500, PW0600, PW0715, PW0850, PW1010, PW1200, PW1430,

PW1670, PW1825, RHCH1200, RHCH1600, RHCH2000, RHCH2400, RHCV1200, RHCV1600, RHCV2000,

RHCV2400, RHHV1200, RHHV1600, RHHV2000, RHHV2400, VW0175, VW0250, VW0325, VW0400,

VW0500, VW0600, VW0715, VW0850, VW1010, VW1200, VW1430, VW1670, VW1825, VW2200, VW2450,

VW2800, VW3050, VW3200, VW3500, VW3600, VW4000, VW4050, VW4500, VW5000.

Manual Reset High-Limit Switch, 210F Max.


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