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Teledyne Laars 10-332 Ignitor Gasket, CB/HWG

Teledyne Laars MT2H 0500 MT2H 0750 MT2H 1000 MT2H 1250 MT2H 1500 MT2H 1750 MT2H 2000 MT2V 0500 MT2V 0750 MT2V 1000 10-332 Ignitor Gasket, CB/HWG

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: 10-332


Laars 10-332 Ignitor Gasket, CB/HWGThe igniter is a “glow bar” type silicon carbide unit. It isenergized whenever there is a call for heat and the red"IGNITER" light on the boiler control is lit. After the igniter isswitched off and the boiler continues to run, the igniter functionsas a flame sensor for the boiler control.If the ignitor fails and must be replaced, always install a newigniter gasket with the replacement igniter.CAUTION: Ignitor gets hot.


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