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Teledyne Laars E2305400 Ignition Control

Teledyne Laars Mighty Therm AP Pool Heater Replacement Parts AP 0500 AP 0600 AP 0715 AP 0850 AP 1010 AP 1200 AP 1430 E2305400 Ignition Control

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: E2305400

Teledyne Laars E2305400 Ignition Control, UT 100% Lockout after 1 retry

Teledyne LAARS E2305400 Laars Mighty Therm Ignition Control Module, Spark & Standing Pilot, Natural/LP, 100% Lockout, (After S/N C02F04752), use 20607400 pilot assy with the w0030600 pilot assy

This Ignition Module is used on the following models:

AP0500, AP0600, AP0715, AP0850, AP0999, AP1010, AP1200, AP1430, AP1670,

AP1825, AP1999, AP2000, AP2200, AP2450, AP2800, AP3050, AP3200, AP3500,

AP3600, AP4000, AP4050, AP4500, AP5000, HH0500, HH0600, HH0715, HH0850,

HH1010, HH1200, HH1430, HH1670, HH1825, HH2000, HH2200, HH2450, HH2800,

HH3050, HH3200, HH3500, HH3600, HH4000, HH4050, HH4500, HH5000, IW0500,

IW0600, IW0715, IW0850, IW1010, IW1200, IW1430, IW1670, IW1825, MT0500,

MT0600, MT0715, MT850, MT1010, MT1200, MT1430, MT1670, MT1825, MT2000,

MT2200, MT2450, MT2800, MT3050, MT3200, MT3500, MT3600, MT4000, MT4500,

MT5000, PH0500, PH0600, PH0715, PH0850, PH1010, PH1200, PH1430, PH1670,

PH1825, PH2000, PH2200, PH2450, PH2800, PH3050, PH3200, PH3500, PH3600,

PH4000, PH4050, PH4500, PH5000, PW0500, PW0600, PW0715, PW0850,

PW1010, PW1200, PW1430, PW1670, PW1825, PW2000, PW2200, PW2450,

PW2800, PW3050, PW3200, PW3500, PW3600, PW4000, PW4050, PW4500,

PW5000, VW0500, VW0600, VW0715, VW0850, VW1010, VW1200, VW1430,

VW1670, VW1825, VW2000, VW2200, VW2450, VW2800, VW3050, VW3200,

VW3500, VW3600, VW4000,VW4050, VW4500, VW5000.

UT 100% Lockout after 1 retry, Mighty-Therm 2,000,000-5,000,000


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