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Teledyne Laars R0012200 Pool Heater Fusible Link

Teledyne Laars LRZM 125 LRZE 125 LRZE 175 LRZM 175 LRZE 250 LRZM 250 LRZE 325 LRZM 325 R0012200 Pool Heater Fusible Link, Roll Out #E0099403

Teledyne Laars
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Product Code: R0012200
Teledyne Laars R0012200 Pool Heater Fusible Link, Previous Part #E0099403

Used on the following Models:

EG 125 thru 400, EPC-II 125 thru 400.

LLD125, LLD 125, LLD-125, LLD175, LLD 175, LLD-175, LLD250, LLD 250, LLD-250, LLD325,

LLD 325, LLD-325, LLD400,
LLD 400, LLD-400, LLG125, LLG 125, LLG-125, LLG175, LLG 175,

LLG-175, LLG250, LLG 250, LLG-250, LLG325,
LLG 325, LLG-325, LLG400, LLG 400, LLG-400,

LD 125, LD-125, LD175, LD 175, LD-175, LD250, LD 250, LD-250, LD325, LD 325,

LD-325, LD400, LD 400, LD-400, EPC125, EPC 125, EPC-125, EPC175, EPC 175, EPC-175,

EPC250, EPC 250, EPC-250, 489, 490, ESG125, ESG 125, ESG-125, ESG175, ESG 175,

ESG-175, ESG250, ESG 250, ESG-250, ESG325, ESG 325, ESG-325, ESG400, ESG 400,

ESG-400, LG125, LG 125, LG-125, LG175, LG 175, LG-175, LG250, LG 250, LG-250, LG325,

LG 325, LG-325, LG400, LG 400, LG-400, LJ125, LJ 125, LJ-125, LJ175, LJ 175, LJ-175, LJ250,

LJ 250, LJ-250,, LJ325, LJ 325, LJ-325, LJ400, LJ 400, LJ-400, LX, LX250, LX 250, LX400,

LX 400, LT, LT250, LT 250, LT400, LT 400, LX, LX250, LX 250, LX400, LX 400, LT, LT250,

LT 250, LT400, LT 400, ESC125, ESC 125, ESC-125, ESC175, ESC 175, ESC-175, ESC250,

ESC 250, ESC-250, ESC325, ESC 325, ESC-325, ESC400, ESC 400, ESC-400, EC125, EC 125,

EC-125, EC175, EC 175, EC-175, EC250, EC 250, EC-250,, EC325, EC 325, EC-325, EC400,

EC 400, EC-400, ES125, ES 125, ES-125, ES175, ES 175, ES-175, ES250, ES 250, ES-250,

ES325, ES 325, ES-325, ES400, ES 400, ES-400, ESII125, ES11125, ES II 125, ES 11 125,

ESII 125 ES11 125, 512, ESII250, ES11250, ES II 250, ES 11 250, ESII 250, ES11 250,

ESII325, ES11325, ES II 325, ES 11 325, ESII 325, ES11 325, ES11400, ES II400, ES-II400,

ES-II-400, ES-II 400, EPG125, EPG 125, EPG-125, EPG175, EPG 175, EPG-175, EPG250,

EPG 250, EPG-250, EPG325, EPG 325, EPG-325, EPG400, EPG 400, EPG-400, EPM125,

EPM 125, EPM-125, EPM175, EPM 175, EPM-175, EPM250, EPM 250, EPM-250, EPM325,

EPM 325, EPM-325, EPM400, EPM 400, EPM-400, EPS125, EPS 125, EPS-125, EPS175,

EPS 175, EPS-175, EPS250, EPS 250, EPS-250, EPS325, EPS 325, EPS-325, EPS400,

EPS 400, EPS-400.

Used in the following models:
EC125, EC175, EC250, EC325, EC400, EG125, EG175, EG250, EG325, EG400, EPC125, EPC175, EPC250, EPC325, EPC400, EPG125, EPG175, EPG250, EPG325, EPG400, EPM125, EPM175, EPM250, EPM325, EPM400, EPS125, EPS175, EPS250, EPS325, EPS400, ES125, ES175, ES250, ES325, ES400, ESC125, ESC175, ESC250, ESC325, ESC400, ESG125, ESG175, ESG250, ESG325, ESG400, ESII125, ESII175, ESII250, ESII325, ESII400, LD125, LD175, LD250, LD325, LD400, LG125, LG175, LG250, LG325, LG400, LHS100, LJ125, LJ175, LJ250, LJ325, LJ400, LLD125, LLD175, LLD250, LLD325, LLD400, LLG125, LLG175, LLG250, LLG325, LLG400, LT250, LT400, LX250, LX400, LXI250, LXI300, LXI400

Mighty Max, Fusible Link Assembly
TF 152C

Heaters are equipped with a thermal cutoff device toprevent flame roll-out in the event the heat exchangerbecomes blocked. This is a "single-use" type fusiblelink or thermal fuse, that must be replaced when dis-abled by an over-temperature condition, caused byexcessive restriction in the heat exchanger flue pas-sage, roll-out, high winds, etc


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